Photo courtesy of Felicia Mags Photography

Photo courtesy of Felicia Mags Photography

Individual & Couple enneagram consultation

The Enneagram is a robust tool for personal and relational transformation. Have you felt stumped about why you do certain things? Are you frustrated that your partner is just so different from you? Schedule an individual or couple Enneagram session to explore your personality dynamics, the impact of your story on your life and relationships, and how to step into greater health.

group enneagram consultation

The Enneagram can also be a helpful tool for understanding and navigating group and team dynamics. Group Enneagram consultation can be geared toward your unique setting--whether that be a business, church staff, or team. Each member of your team will gain insight into their personality dynamics as well as how to more effectively partner with one another. You might be surprised at how much understanding one another can improve team efficiency and productivity!

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